Dream Week

Ravi’s Dream Week 9th - 15th Jan 2023

Ravi Adelekan will launch ‘Dream Week’ at The House Of Commons on Monday 9th January, kicking off a week designed to inspire positivity, community service and helping others achieve their dreams.

The culmination of Dream Week will be 13th January: Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Ravi’s dream is to have a future where tumours like his can be treated without major surgery and for all children with brain tumours to have access to care and support.

Dream Week will focus on 3 main themes:

*Sharing your dreams with others

*Looking at how we can help others' dreams come true 

*Being inspired by how others have achieved their dreams


Please let us know if you are able to support Dream Week by emailing ravisdreamteam@gmail.com

We would love to showcase as many of you amazing people as possible.

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Sharing your dreams with others

"The first step to make any dream come true is to tell someone about it! That’s what I did and now I am well on my way to making my dream come true! 

So on the week of January 9th I want to encourage you to tell as many people as possible about your dream! 

I would love to hear all about your dreams and maybe we can help some of them come true!"

How we can help others' dreams come true

"I would love to encourage people to offer a Dream Hour to someone in their community. It costs nothing to give an hour to someone else but it can make a big impact.

Dream Hours could be anything from teaching a skill, fixing something in someone's house or garden, volunteering at a charity or connecting someone to the first step towards a bigger dream. 

If you work with your local community you can make an even bigger impact! Your community could be based around work, a hobby, location, religion, education, family, or just a group of your friends!


Being inspired by others' dreams

"You could maybe look at someone who has made a dream similar to yours come true and read all about how they did it! But you can be inspired by anyone around you, they don’t have to be famous! My mum is my big inspiration.

There are lots of amazing people through history that I find it awesome to learn about. I love the 'Little People, Big Dreams' books and when I was in hospital I read Marcus Rashford’s first book as well as lots of the  'Ultimate Football Heroes' books. They helped me to push myself to recover as best as I could after my operation!

Who do you find inspirational? I'd love to hear about it."